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Robyne is a volunteer coordinator who coordinates other Golden Rescue volunteers and she loves what she does.  Robyne says, and we quote, “I find the work I do with Golden Rescue so rewarding.  I love that I’m somehow making a difference in Golden’s lives, helping them on their way to a loving, safe home.  I feel especially proud of the Rescue Mission of Love as my Golden Cailey #2612 came from Istanbul.”  Robyne first started volunteering with Golden Rescue at LCBO Tag Days with her Golden Willow and she started doing more and more.  Robyne lives in the Ottawa area and has helped in so many ways including LCBO tag days, transports, home visits, foster interviews and of course her important current role as a Volunteer Coordinator.  We are so lucky Robyne is a Golden lover and a valuable asset on the GR team.  Of course, Cailey couldn’t agree more.

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