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Mischa with Ryder, Rylee

I know you can’t hear me, but if you could, I would tell you that you are safe and you are loved. I can only show you every day with cues, signs, consistency, and patience ~ everything you’ve taught me ~ that your life is good and you’ve been rescued from fear, isolation, and loneliness. Mischa, I promised to care for you when you came into my life and here we are one year later, going strong, you with your quirks and me with mine, flourishing in silence ~ an inseparable pack of two.

I wish I could know more about your first five years. It would help me to understand why you will only walk in one direction, why you won’t sleep upstairs, why you find solace in the car, and why toys are not your thing. You make me laugh when you hop on the sofa, but won’t sleep on your bed and I’ve learned to accept that you love children and dogs, but won’t go out in the rain, that you howl at night, but feel comfortable with the groomer, that you seem not to understand ‘play’, but you have excellent manners. You are a complex mystery of contraries, my sweet treasure, and I can only assume that in the world across the ocean, where you grew up, you had a life that was at times not easy…that an injury to your ears and loss of hearing was caused from something traumatic. It breaks my heart to think that you were perhaps abandoned or mistreated because you’ve shown me, and all those around you, nothing but gratitude and love.

Thankfully, that’s a life left far behind. What progress you’ve made in such a short time. I wish you could hear the things that people say about you. Veterinarians, technicians, neighbours, strangers on the street, my grandchildren, and all my friends think you are simply an angel…and very clever. You know how to score snuggles from everyone you meet. You’ve learned that belly rubs are prolonged with a whimper and that my lap is a place for sleep, where you probably dream about your next meal (just sayin’).

I will be forever grateful to your rescuers in Istanbul and at Golden Rescue for bringing us together. We are so lucky to have found each other. You have been given a second chance at a better life ~ a second chance for hope, for living with a calmer mind, and for thriving in your silent world surrounded by people who love you. And I am the privileged one who gets to watch you heal and acquire the courage to venture confidently into your new life. I know you will never be able to hear me, but I will find endless ways to show you how much you are loved, to prove that you are in a much better place and to let you know Miss M. that you are my family and that you are home…forever!

With snuggles and hugs,

Mischa Mischa Mischa

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