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Vaughan and his wife Lynda have loved and owned Goldens for over 25 years.  This amazing volunteer and Golden lover first was introduced to Golden Rescue at our booth at The Pickering Markets.  He, like many others, was stunned to learn that there were Goldens who needed rescuing.  After talking to a number of volunteers, he decided to get involved and help wherever he could.  Currently, Vaughan is our event valuator, which involves researching events throughout Ontario to see if they might be a fit for us.  He also does a lot of the heavy lifting at events and at our picnic (set-up/tear-down, on-site liaison with the volunteers, inventory control and financial reconciliation).  He also sells lottery tickets and generally helps wherever he can.  Vaughan loves his work with GR and we, of course, love Vaughan.  He currently lives in Pickering with his wife Lynda and his three beautiful Goldens Molly, Star and Augie #2632, who they adopted a year ago.  Thank you, Vaughan, for coming to our rescue!

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