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Kate, a long time Golden lover, started volunteering for Golden Rescue during her mat leave. She had volunteered with her local humane society; however, her heart has always been with Goldens so she thought Golden Rescue was the perfect fit for her. Lucky us! Kate had volunteered for events and tag days but she wanted to help on a more consistent basis. There was a need on the social media team, a perfect fit for Kate, and the social media team welcomed her with open arms. The social media team takes up most of her spare time but Kate still manages to help in so many other ways including fundraising, joining the new care team, and selling Wishbone Lottery tickets. Kate and her husband recently adopted Bauer #2796 and Echo #2797 who came from Istanbul. What lucky pups they are to have found such a caring family. Kate says they are the lucky ones and we think we are the lucky ones. Looks like it’s a win-win all the way around ~ we cannot thank you enough Kate ~ you’re amazing!

RBC Donation

RBC and its partner, Benevity, approved a donation to Golden Rescue in honour of Kate’s volunteer time. RBC believes that when employees and retirees volunteer their time and expertise, they play a vital role in helping build better communities. Thank you RBC and thank you Kate for applying for a donation for Golden Rescue.

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