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Murphy 1413 Jude

Jude lost her nine-year-old Golden and six months later their 14-year-old crossed the Rainbow Bridge. This was devastating and their house was no longer a home. One day not too long after, a Golden Rescue email found its way into her inbox with a picture of two seniors looking for a forever family. Jude filled in an application but by then the two seniors had been adopted. They, however, found Murphy #1413 ~ a beautiful 11-year-old girl and the love affair began. Jude was so impressed with GR that she wanted to help anywhere she could. A conversation offering to help with golf registration led to the discovery that Jude’s background was in accounting. GR sorely needed help with the treasury function and soon Jude was handling accounts receivable. Her attention to detail, handling of tax receipts, bank deposits, and events reconciliations in a timely manner has been a godsend to GR. Jude has recently taken over inventory control. Jude’s easy going manner and commitment to GR has helped the treasury team immeasurably and Golden Rescue is so happy to have her on the team. Without Murphy, we may never have met Jude!  Murphy has since crossed the Rainbow Bridge and Jude now shares her life with sweet Maggie #2080.  We cannot thank Jude enough for all she does!!!

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