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The Kalmegess clan

Mike and Terri had dogs long before they had children. Total dog lovers, this couple have had many breeds including their beloved Nova Scotia Duck Toller Retrievers. After Mike retired from GM, they started their own business ~ Kalmegess Kennels, which started with boarding and expanded into grooming, day care, and training. In 2010, they helped Golden Rescue considerably when we acquired multiple Goldens who were in bad shape. Mike and Terri took three under their wing…two intact males and a pregnant female. They went above and beyond the call of duty with all three…socializing them…training them…nurturing them to trust humans. They even organized a C-section for the sweet pregnant girl and took care of her four pups. Mike and Terri told us that the whole experience gave them insight into why they are in the animal care business.  Mike and Terri continuously help GR and they never let us down or refuse to help, especially when we’re ‘in a crunch’.They are true friends of Golden Rescue. Thank you both!

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