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Terry Woodrow

Terri became a GR volunteer almost four years ago. An addicted Golden lover, Terri lives in retirement with her husband Bob and their two Goldens, Amber and Jack #2296, and their rescued cat Loki. Not too long ago they moved into their dream log home in Haliburton, where they have the room to foster ~ something they’ve always wanted to do. Right for the start Terri was helping GR in so many ways. Currently the Volunteer Coordinators Team Lead, which is a big job with all the events GR attends, she has built a great team of volunteer coordinators. She welcomes and trains new volunteers for events, sends eblasts to find volunteers for events, and helps student volunteers. Terri also donates to the silent auction every year, is very active on Facebook, often providing support to Golden owners and our rescued Goldens, organized the social media get-together at the picnic, helped initiate and organize the photo contest, and was one of this year’s Guinness World Record co-ordinators as a field steward. She is currently designing and making vests for our foster Goldens. Terri is the consummate GR volunteer. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you do…and good luck with the move. We can hardly wait for you and your family to foster!

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