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Every Golden story is different. Each Golden comes to us with their own unique circumstances. Some stories are unfortunate…some are downright tragic. We don’t know where Buddy came from and what his previous life was like, but we do know he had a difficult road back to health and happiness.

This poor boy came to us with severe separation anxiety, which resulted in very destructive behaviours.  He was adopted twice and both times he was returned due to his destructiveness.  By the time he arrived at his third forever family’s home, he had ‘dead eyes’.

He was 14 pounds overweight and arrived with a bag of five different medications.  His separation anxiety was so bad that he couldn’t even be left alone for five minutes.  Despite Buddy’s issues, his forever family fell instantly in love with him and gave him the love, space, attention, and patience he had not experienced in a very long time.

Slowly but surely, Buddy started to respond and his anxiety and insecurity started to lessen.  In time, Buddy’s separation anxiety actually disappeared.  He also lost 13 pounds and is on no medication.  This superstar is a totally different boy today.  The light came back into his eyes and joy came back into his heart.  He now knows he is loved and that he is ‘home’.

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