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Wanetta’s son fell in love with Goldens after watching Homeward Bound and on his 12th birthday, he received a Golden puppy, Shadow, who filled their home with joy for almost 14 years.  Wanetta discovered GR at The Pickering Markets and kept up with our activities on Facebook, but when the family lost Shadow, Wanetta and her husband Dan soon adopted Tiggs #2474 from Istanbul.  This amazing boy, unfortunately, had cancer and died eight months later; however, not before he experienced everything Canada had to offer ~ cottage life, swimming in the lake, boating, campfires, eating steak and visiting Dairy Queen.  The family was heartbroken but knew the best way to heal was to rescue another Golden, which they did a few months later.  Enter Shiloh #2617.  This spectacular girl is now being trained as a therapy dog and every single person who comes in contact with sweet Shiloh immediately falls in love with her. This amazing couple are huge GR advocates, spreading the good word wherever they go.  Besides being monthly donors, they volunteer on many fronts ~ fundraising initiatives, helping at the airport, providing transport and Wanetta is also on the hotline team and a volunteer coordinator for events.  Thank you both…for all you do!  Golden Rescue couldn’t be luckier to have you both!!

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