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Nancy is one of our newest volunteers in Quebec.  Nancy first encountered Golden Rescue when she was thinking of adopting.  The adoption didn’t happen so she decided to apply to become a foster.  As time passed, Nancy met some other volunteers and, at that point, she moved into high gear.  Nancy started to put her hand up for everything.  The first thing she did was organize Golden Rescue’s first Quebec event at Finnegan’s Market in Hudson.  This was very successful and helped raise our profile in Quebec.  Living close to the Montreal airport, Nancy started meeting flights that were bringing our precious Golden cargo from Istanbul.  She got her first foster, sweet Rufus, and recruited her vet to become a supporting vet.  Rufus was sadly diagnosed with cancer and Nancy saw him through the next five months with love and compassion until he crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  Maverick is Nancy’s second foster~a crazy, lovable Golden from Mexico.  She has also recruited new volunteers for us in the Montreal area by spreading the word about Golden Rescue.  Nancy is an energizer bunny worth her weight in gold and we are so grateful she found us!

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