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Shiloh Before

“Shiloh was 11 years old when she came into our care. Her ears and skin were unhealthy. She had torn cruciate ligaments in both of her back knees. And she was dangerously obese ~ overweight by 60 pounds. However, true to her Golden nature, she was loving, happy, and gentle…and she just wanted to be loved. So, love her we did.” Fosters Gail & Berry

This is the story about Shiloh #2915. It’s a story about second chances at every age, extraordinary kindness, the unwavering dedication of our volunteers, and the power of community.


Before we reveal how this tale unfolds, we want to acknowledge the actions taken by Shiloh’s family to do the right thing. We understand that surrendering a family pet is never an easy decision, but Shiloh’s family’s circumstances did not allow them to care for her properly and they recognized they needed help. That phone call to Golden Rescue’s hotline saved Shiloh’s life. It was the right decision!


Following a healthy meal and a good night’s sleep in a warm bed, snuggled beside her amazing foster family, the first day of Shiloh’s second chance began with a veterinarian health check. While it was recommended that Shiloh undergo surgery to repair her knees, she needed to lose significant weight in order to survive the operation, so boot camp, which included a 10-week water therapy program, needed to begin immediately.

Like so many Goldens whose lives we have been privileged to transform, there’s always that defining moment between dog and human, where we lock our gaze on one another in a silent exchange of knowing. They know they are safe and loved and we know that we have succeeded in saving another Golden from despair. As Shiloh began to shed some pounds and was clearly reveling in her daily walks and luxurious hydro-therapy program, she was transforming into the beautiful creature she was always meant to be and we could see the gratitude in her eyes.

Shiloh in snow

Steadily over seven months, bit by bit, walking further every day, she lost 60 pounds and gained a new perspective on life. She discovered that squirrels and rabbits were meant to be chased, toys were meant to be tugged, and a leap into the car (woohoo) took her to a fun and entertaining place that usually led to a new adventure. Shiloh no longer required surgery. She morphed from chunky to chiseled, fat to fabulous, obese to sleek…you get the drift! She was now ready for the next leap of faith…her adoption.

Shiloh walking


From Shiloh’s new forever family…Shirley & Wes!
“We must admit that we had reservations about adopting an 11 year-old senior, but we’re so glad that we did. Shiloh is so good natured and every day we notice new things about her. She is sweet, loving, and empathetic and always seems to know who needs a Golden hug ~ perhaps because she too remembers what it was like to need a hug at one time in her life. She is more active than many dogs half her age, clearly feeling unburdened by the weight she carried for so long. We thank her foster family from the bottom of our hearts for giving her a second chance for a better life and whether she is with us for six days or six years, it is our mission to give her the best of everything. Adopting a senior is one of the best decisions we have ever made and we would like to encourage others to consider the benefits of adopting a senior. There are many people who love dogs but cannot manage the time that an energetic puppy requires; however, adopting a senior Golden could be the perfect solution. My 86-year-old father adores sweet Shiloh’s company. There are so many surrendered, abandoned, and neglected senior dogs who just want someplace warm to call home for the remainder of their days. Thank you, Golden Rescue, for bringing us our beautiful Golden girl. We will love her forever.”

Shiloh is thriving with her new family. Sadly, our work is never done and there will always be more Goldens who need our help. Please Help Us Succeed to Help a Golden in Need.

Before and After

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