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Carolyn is a passionate fan of Goldens and a true friend to rescue. She first discovered Golden Rescue in 2008 when she adopted Butler #971, who joined her forever family, which included two Golden siblings, Carly and Dixie. Since then, Carolyn and her husband Alan have adopted three other amazing Goldens ~ Gracie #1818, Casey #1957, and most recently Gibson #2965 who hailed from Istanbul. Carolyn became an ardent volunteer starting with the Facebook team and volunteering at events such as the LCBO Tag Days and The Pickering Markets. Carolyn’s real claim-to-fame is her tireless work for our picnic’s auction. For five years, Carolyn has organized every aspect of our live and silent auctions. Despite a bad rain day with no tent at her first auction, she has made every auction a huge success. With the help of many volunteers, including her husband Alan, the auction has gotten better and better each year. Thank you, Carolyn and Alan…for all the Goldens you have rescued and for all the money you have raised for our precious Goldens. We are incredibly grateful!

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