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Our volunteers frequently go above and beyond. Recently, a large group of volunteers put their heads together to help another rescue group in the U.S.

It’s a long story about why the rescue group from Chicago needed our help but suffice to say they did and we, in the spirit of cooperation and rescue, stepped up. Julie Marriott, our fearless transport leader, organized these wonderful volunteers: Susan Archer, Val Barker, Joy Cairnie, Bob Cameron, Dan Cummings, Steffanie Delacour, Kim McGlade, Sue Montgomery, Lisa Moorhouse, Laura Mundinger, Meglyn Murphy, Danielle Robinson, Alen Schiller, Monica Seto, Christine Smith, and Sandy Tatarnic.  Mitch, the owner of Sunnidale Kennels, and his group, were wonderfully helpful throughout this enormous rescue operation. Our volunteers went to the Toronto airport to meet the plane from overseas with eight rescued dogs of all breeds (now dubbed the Chicago 8). All of these dogs already had their forever homes in and around Chicago and had been waiting to find a way to North America for many months. Our group met the plane and transported all the dogs to Sunnidale Kennels and transported them back and forth to the vet for their wellness exams. The kennel bathed and groomed every dog then another team of volunteers relay-transported all the dogs to Sarnia where they were met by their U.S. rescuers. This was a huge undertaking and although all expenses were born by the U.S. rescue group, this major logistical task was handled totally by our dedicated and kind-hearted volunteers. All the dogs are now living happy, healthy lives with their forever families, who are eternally grateful to our crew who stretched their hand across the ocean and across the border to help!

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