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Cathy is a lifetime Golden lover and she has had three wonderful Golden girls ~ Abby, Cassidy, and Zoey. After losing her third Golden Zoey, Cathy, who has been a long-standing Golden Rescue supporter and donor, decided she wanted to also donate more of her time. She has done home visits, transports, and has met many international flights, welcoming new Goldens to Canada. She is also helping sell Wishbone Lottery tickets and is personally sponsoring some overseas Goldens. In 2019, Cathy joined the placement team ~ a very, very busy year and she quite literally had placement after placement. Whenever asked, she never says ‘no’ and she had quite a few difficult placements, including Bubbly #3016, who eventually went to his adoptive family in Virginia. Cathy shines in her new role and we sincerely appreciate her positivity and can-do attitude. Our team and our Goldens thank you Cathy ~ you are a joy to work with and we are very fortunate to have you at our side! 

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