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Dr. Scott is an owner/partner of the Dundas West Animal Hospital. Scott and his clinic started supporting Golden Rescue eight years ago and Scott became more intrigued with Golden Rescue after seeing some of the amazing Goldens who were coming to him as patients from Istanbul and Cairo. When Scott’s family lost their dog Kia, they adopted sweet Cleo #3390 ~ an Egyptian beauty. As a result of Scott’s airport experience when meeting Cleo, he had a fabulous idea of helping at the airport whereby he and his team would do health checks on the arriving Goldens. He is a godsend to our International Mission of Love. His wife, Andra, also rolls up her sleeves and helps greet our new arrivals. We are in awe of their collective commitment to Golden Rescue. Scott also supports Golden Rescue by assisting with fundraising events and spreading the word about us on national media. He will be at our picnic and beginning in the next issue of The Guardian, Dr. Scott will be starting an ‘Ask the Vet’ column. To say thank you is not enough ~ you are the epitome of a Golden angel.

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