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Elaine’s Golden, Friday, came to her as a puppy when she volunteered with Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind. Her family raised him from a puppy for one full year taking him everywhere they went. They thoroughly enjoyed this experience and were ecstatic when he was offered back to them after two months of training, as he was not a good candidate to be a guide dog. Friday was a wonderful boy and the reason Elaine chose to volunteer with Golden Rescue. Elaine is an integral part of the Foster Team and she has enjoyed bringing fosters onboard by seeing them through every step of the approval process. She is also helping Golden Rescue grow across Canada. In the not-too-distant future, Elaine is looking forward to adopting a Golden (or two). Elaine is getting to know Golden Rescue very well and is a fantastic advocate and supporter. We are very fortunate to have Elaine at our side ~ and very grateful to Friday!

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