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Debbie has been a Golden angel for almost 25 years. With her first Golden, Monaco, and her successor, Chablis, Debbie has volunteered extensively at GR events including The Sportsman Show, Royal Winter Fair, Woofstock, Dog Days of Scugog…to name just a few. As well as spreading the word on responsible pet ownership whenever she can, Debbie also helped sell Wishbone Lottery tickets and has participated in our walkathons. After her wonderful companion, Chablis, crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, Debbie started to foster and she fell in love with each Golden in her charge. She claims that fostering is one of the most rewarding things she has ever done. Her first foster, Kendra #3315, came from a puppy mill and watching her blossom and then move on to her happily-ever-after home was such a great experience that she couldn’t wait to get her next foster…and then her next! In our humble opinion, she truly is an extraordinarily great foster and we are steeling ourselves for the day she becomes a foster failure. If that happens Debbie, you’ll get a pass from all of us. Thank you for everything you do!

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