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Hycinth grew up in India where strays abounded on every street corner ~ some fighting, some looking for food, some hurt or physically abused. It was such a normal sight to her that she and her family became immune to it. Her family adopted Tulo #2273 two years ago and ‘Tulo’ stands for Trusting, Unconditional, Love, Overflowing. Getting to know GR through the adoption process has Hycinth looking at strays through a very different lens ~ a lens of care, compassion, and empathy as she says that rescuing has been life-changing. So much so, that Hycinth now financially supports rescue groups in India and helps however she can. Hycinth is on our intake team, which is truly on our frontlines and the most difficult role in Golden Rescue and according to the team, she handles intakes magnificently. She also helps sell lottery tickets and she and Raj are generous supporters as monthly donors and as sponsors of Cairo Goldens. We are so grateful for all your help, love, and compassion.

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