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Kristal first met Golden Rescue when she submitted an adoption application. Luckily for us, Kristal was impressed with the process and the volunteers she met while adopting Charlie #3517 from Cairo. Before and after Charlie’s adoption, Kristal had lots of questions so she got to know a number of volunteers, who helped her through this brand-new experience. She loved seeing how deeply people cared about our Goldens and felt she just had to try and find a way to participate. Kristal is now the Lead Graphic Designer on our Eblast Team. Kristal’s vision, creativity, and graphic design skills have allowed us to elevate our brand. Her technical skills and resourcefulness have enabled us to streamline our workflow and generate an even better experience for our subscribers. So, as much as Charlie brings joy to everyone she meets, Kristal brings joy to us all. Thank you, Kristal, for all that you do.

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