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Janet was looking for a way to express her love of Goldens after suffering the loss of her beautiful senior Golden. She found it by volunteering for Golden Rescue. Janet has been Golden Rescue’s database administrator since 2018, entering a wide array of data and creating reports. Her volunteering, however, doesn’t stop there. She also fosters and supports literally all of our activities and is a monthly donor. Janet is a busy girl and GR is so lucky to have her. We thought it would be lovely to quote how Janet feels about Golden Rescue: Let me tell you about the Golden Rescue volunteers ~ they are the kindest individuals I have ever met in my life. They are just like the breed ~ friendly, welcoming, happy, caring, and devoted. I was able to attend an AGM and it was the best meeting ever as there were two Golden ambassadors who made sure everyone in the room had an opportunity to pet them, snuggle, and smile. I have worked with the database, transport, foster, Guardian, marketingand adoptive familiesEveryone shares the core values of integrity, kindness, and compassion all delivered without judgment. Thank you for your kind words, Janet, and for your very big (and Golden) heart! 

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