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Terri-Lynn is a retired teacher and she wanted to become a foster with GR since she had time to devote to her passion of helping Goldens. Terri-Lynn had experience with another rescue group fostering a mother with six puppies and this gave her a unique set of qualifications. In August, we reached out to Terri-Lynn to see if, given her previous experience, she could help with a serious issue we hadWe had inherited a pregnant Golden from Cairo who needed a foster home to nurse and wean the just-arrived nine puppies. Happily, Terri-Lynn put up her hand to help and her fostering was a total success with all nine puppies surviving, thrivingand now living with their loving forever families. Here’s what she said about her experience: “I am proud and very grateful that all of the puppies grew to be healthy, vibrant puppies. Seeing them grow was an exhilarating experience.” Terri-Lynn…thank you so much. You went above and beyond the call and we are grateful and so are nine adorable puppies! 

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