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Danielle grew up with a Golden/Lab mix, which is when she fell in love with the breed. She was introduced to GR through a friend in 2013 and decided to start fostering, which has been a very enriching experience for her. With her partner Matt, they have fostered many Goldens and say the following about the foster program ~ “People often ask how we can foster because it means having to say good-bye at the end. We tell them about Golden Rescue’s careful selection process for adoptive families and how this makes letting them go a little easier as we know the Golden is going to the perfect family.” But they did admit that there are still a few tears on adoption day. Fostering has been an incredible experience for them and we find them to be incredible fosters as they are caring, loving, and easy to work with. Thank you both ~ you are a joy to have on our team. 

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