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Golden Rescue has rescued over 1,500 Goldens from overseas. This has been a monumental task that has involved a huge number of volunteers, including the placement team, the foster team, and those looking after our supporting vets and ongoing Golden care…not to mention our amazing international partners in Cairo and Istanbul. Perhaps the largest group, however, are those angels who look after the mountain of work that actually has to be done for all airport arrivals. 

It all starts with our amazing transport team with Julie Marriott at the helm with Robyn Scott and Allen Schiller working by her side. They organize everyone for each flight ~ getting customs paperwork ready pre-flight, letting FTA families know all the details, arranging for volunteers to either take care of customs or as greeters, arranging transporters or hosts if needed, and arranging for crates to be picked-up. 

Some of the work we do at Golden Rescue is not glamorous and isn’t visible to most but without our customs paperwork volunteers, our international Goldens would not gain entry into Canada. They deal with all customs issues often enduring long waits and dealing with glitches that arise…and they do it graciously. The folks who are the greeters, wait for flight parents, call the foster-to-adopt families, take the Goldens out of their crates, and pass the kleenex around to all the teary families. Together, all these airport angels ensure the success of our international program. Thank you all…you really are amazing, even when it takes hours longer than expected. These are our airport volunteers in Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver: 


Nancy Bourguet, Donna Burns, Greg Gust, Suzanne Hurst & Louis Thouis 


Val Barker, Reichen Berkus, Carla Brewer, Martine Brouillet, Samantha Drautz, Monica & Chris Fralick, Heather Gilboe, Sheryl Goulin, Cheryl-Anne Graham, Bruce Horton, Anubha Jhaldiyal, Jeanette Keir, Colette Lacoursiere, Margaret Macdonald, Lindsay Maksymchuk, Julie Marriott, Angie Mason, Kevin McLaughlin, Deanna Mircheff, Nicky Niecke, Jodie Melhuish, Sue Montgomery, Cheryl O’Neill, Paul Rogers, Brian Sangster, Alen Schiller, Cathy Scime, Robyn Scott, Sharon Stewart, Tony Strickland, Christine Tomaselli & Cathy Wiese 


Raquel Brizzi, Justin Cameron, Marylee Davies, Anastassia & Chris Duncan, Sophie & Phil Snell & Brian Wong 

As you can see, it really does take a village. Thank you all VERY much! 

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