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When Liz lost her beloved Golden Nel, she was heartbroken and felt the best way to honour her memory was to volunteer for GR. Liz has been an integral member of the Placement Admin team for several years. She has entered innumerable adoption applications, sent out hundreds of follow-up emails, and updated our adoption spreadsheet…all to ensure the placement team has the most up-to-date information possible so they can find the perfect match for our Goldens. Liz simply excels at this. Liz also does many other things ~ is a monthly donor, does home visits, and most importantly, adopted her beautiful Demelza Annie #2592 (Demelza means ‘my sweetness’). Liz’s favourite thing in her vital role is following the journey of an applicant’s application from initial submission to recording their adoption notice on the spreadsheet, knowing that another Golden has found their loving forever family. Thank you so much Liz for your passion and all that you do ~ you are a joy to work with. 

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