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Lynn is certainly the consummate Golden angel. Recently, she went above the call of duty in heading up a rescue team to find one of our escaped Goldens, Rocky #4472 (who is now named Kaladar). Lynn gained her experience as she had joined a Search & Rescue team in 2018 as her own Golden, Cello, was a flight risk so she wanted to understand how search and rescue works ~ lucky for us and Kaladar. She, and several other rescuers, did absolutely everything they could to find Kaladar and after two weeks of intense search (often until 4 a.m.), they were successful in finding him. Now, Lynn heads up GR’s Search & Rescue needs and was involved in another search and rescue shortly after. Lynn and her husband Andrew have adopted Kaladar (very lucky boy), who lives happily with his new forever family with his siblings Cello #2556, Muppet #2607 (a special needs Golden), and Timbre. Lynn is passionate about rescue; however, what makes her so perfect for her role is her calm and positive outlook. We couldn’t be happier to have Lynn in our corner. 

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