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Andrew has been a Golden Rescue foster, adopter, supporter, and sponsor for more than 20 years. After losing his first Golden at the age of seven, he was introduced to Golden Rescue and thought fostering might be the perfect way to fill the void created by his loss. Since then, we have lost count of the number of Goldens Andrew has fostered. We know it’s well over 20. He says his second Golden Molly #910 did more for his fosters to make them feel comfortable than he ever could. We’re sure Molly was great but Andrew is one of our foster superstars. There have been many memorable moments; however, one in particular was the joy he had of fostering Maya, a puppy mill mom, who arrived at age five with no name, matted, and caked with filth, who had never seen a toy and only called a metal cage home. In spite of her age, she had a beautiful soul and eventually became the Golden she was meant to be. More recently, Andrew adopted little Hunter #3526, a Cairo street girl who had never had a full belly in five years of living. Her main interests are looking for food, begging for treats, chasing squirrels, and scrapping with the big dogs.  Andrew also helps with transports whenever needed. Yes, Andrew is a true Golden Angel and we cannot thank him enough for his passion, compassion, and dedication. 

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