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Woof-woof, hello there human friends! My name is Buster #4135…but you can call me ‘Myth Buster’! Welcome to my regular column where I’ll bark the truth about adoption and rescue dogs.

We know there are some crazy myths out there about us rescues, but don’t worry ~ we’ll debunk them faster than you can say ‘Good boy’!

All rescue dogs have health problems.

Let me tell you about rescued Goldens ~ we’re a resilient bunch! While some of us have faced health challenges in the past, most of us are ready to go with just a little love and care.

Golden Rescue has our backs! They make sure we’re in tip-top shape by giving us thorough health screenings and all the medical care we need before we find our fur-ever homes. They truly care about our health and happiness and it’s all part of their mission to give us a second chance at a happy life. Notably,

Golden Rescue’s affiliated vets are quite impressed by the organization’s commitment to going above and beyond for all medical needs.

And you know what’s even more paw-some? For those of us who have special medical needs, Golden Rescue finds us the perfect adoptive families that can give us all the care and attention we require to live our best lives. It’s like having a personal healthcare team and a loving family all rolled into one!

Although some of us may have had a rough start, with love and care, our futures are bright and full of tail wags!

Thanks for joining me for Buster’s Myth Buster column, where we busted the myth that all rescue dogs have health issues. As a rescue Golden myself, I can vouch for our resilience and strength. So, the next time you hear someone spreading this myth, bark the truth about how Golden Rescue is changing the lives of rescue dogs like us.

Woofingly yours,

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