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Nicola has been a Golden Rescue Golden Retriever Believer for over 10 years. Her first Golden, Coco, was her inspiration to get involved, which started small with participation in events like the car rally and selling Wishbone Lottery tickets. Soon, however, Nicola wanted to do more to help her favourite breed. She thought about fostering but knew she couldn’t because she’d want to adopt every single foster, eventually becoming the classic ‘crazy dog lady’. So, she joined the transport team and found the experience such a gift. One particular transport was Lulu #4282 who she fell instantly in love with, eventually adopted, and coined a new phrase ~ a transport fail. She also became a part of the international arrivals airport welcome crew ~ an experience she found extremely emotional and exhilarating. She then found her niche with the Intake Team and this is where she performs her magic, bringing in needy Goldens. Intakes is the most difficult role in the organization and she excels in it. Nicola says that volunteering with Golden Rescue has been beyond rewarding in so many ways and she looks forward to many years more while making good friends along the way. We are so happy Nicola found her way to us. She is loved by everyone she works with and is a star. Thank you, Nicola! 

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