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Vet Onboarding Volunteers

This role is critical to finding new supporting veterinarians. Supporting vets offer a variety of services and discounts and, as a registered charity, these arrangements are essential for us to continue our high level of Golden care. This requires personable communication, persistence, and good follow-through. We will train you on how best to approach vets and explain the mutually beneficial reasons to support us. We already have over 60 supporting vets, so the story is not a hard one to relate.

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Awareness Team – British Columbia

This role will entail contacting veterinary clinics, shelters, SPCAs, Humane Societies and mixed breed rescue organization all over BC to let them know that we are here and are available to help Goldens in need.

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Sadie Mae, Bingo #1268 & Charm

50/50 Cash Lottery Help Us Help Goldens!

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Golden Rescue Store


We have lots and lots of new inventory for sale, with new items arriving all the time. Just click the ‘SHOP’ tab at the top of the website ~ it’s that easy!

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Family meeting international dog for first time

Why Istanbul…why Cairo…why Mexico? The answer is...“Because we can!”

Some people have asked us what the situation is in Egypt as it relates to dog rescue and how and why Golden Rescue got involved. We thought the best way to describe the Egypt dilemma is to give you a first-hand account of the journey to Cairo that we, Jane Riddell and Viive Tamm, Golden Rescue board members, took so...

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Golden Angels Nancy Arruda

One day some years ago, friends visited Nancy’s cottage and brought their Golden. Nancy had not grown up with dogs but instantly fell in love with her beautiful Golden visitor. After this visit and before they knew anything about rescue groups, Nancy and her husband, Mark, got their first Golden puppy Mia. Mia brought so much joy into their lives...

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Golden Angels Susanne Trumpour

Susanne Trumpour volunteered to become a foster mom in June of 2009 and almost immediately accepted her first foster.  Despite the fact that she had no experience with special needs dogs, Susanne has graciously accepted these challenges with a smile.  Susanne’s foster Goldens have quickly become part of her family as they immediately sense her compassion.  She has worked tirelessly...

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Murphy 1413 Jude

Golden Angels Jude Heather

Jude lost her nine-year-old Golden and six months later their 14-year-old crossed the Rainbow Bridge. This was devastating and their house was no longer a home. One day not too long after, a Golden Rescue email found its way into her inbox with a picture of two seniors looking for a forever family. Jude filled in an application but by...

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