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Thank you to Dave Trafford of Newstalk 1010 for taking time to chat with our Board Chair Viive Tamm about Golden Rescue.

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Thank you to CTV Sudbury and Jessica Gosselin for shining a light on how adopting a pet can change a life

Special thanks to Terri and Denis and Golden Ambassador Spencer #2659 for celebrating Family Day in studio!…

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Thank you to Dylan Black of RogersTV Ottawa for having us on to talk about the work we do.

Thank you to Michel and Bella #2546 for helping spread the word of Rescue.…

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Thanks to Global News Kingston for having us on to talk about all things Golden!

Special thanks to Karen, daughter Kenzie and the star of the show Nilo #3200 for helping spread the word of rescue.…

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Transport (Quebec, particularly the Montreal Area & Montreal-Kingston Corridor)

Transport help is always needed to move our Goldens from their past to their future new lives. To do this, volunteer drivers travel the province picking up our precious cargo from their previous homes, shelters, vet offices, etc. and driving them to their foster homes. Sometimes this trip is short and can be done by one person and other times the distance is greater, requiring volunteers to work as a relay team, picking up or dropping off at identified locations along the way. Obviously, this is a very important task. Drivers must have a valid driver’s license and be willing to use their own car.

Estimated time commitment: dependent on your time and availability.

Apply Now

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Shiloh Before

The Marvelous Ms.Shiloh Gets a Magical Make-Over!

“Shiloh was 11 years old when she came into our care. Her ears and skin were unhealthy. She had torn cruciate ligaments in both of her back knees. And she was dangerously obese ~ overweight by 60 pounds. However, true to her Golden nature, she was loving, happy, and gentle…and she just wanted to be loved. So, love her we...

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From Calamity to Camelot...

From Calamity to Camelot… If a picture’s worth a thousand words, this one is priceless. In what parallel universe could two suffering strangers surpass all expectations and not only survive but thrive as a pair of bonded and cuddling couch buddies? Merlin, named for the sage in Arthurian legend, was struck by two vehicles on the streets of Turkey and...

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