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From Calamity to Camelot...

From Calamity to Camelot… If a picture’s worth a thousand words, this one is priceless. In what parallel universe could two suffering strangers surpass all expectations and not only survive but thrive as a pair of bonded and cuddling couch buddies? Merlin, named for the sage in Arthurian legend, was struck by two vehicles on the streets of Turkey and...

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Categories: Healing & Hope

Cobi’s Long Journey…

We have now rescued over 3,000 Goldens in 29 years, there are many sad and bad stories but Cobi #2748’s story haunts us. This little girl came to us from a puppy mill and the best we can determine, she had no human interaction, love or kindness in her first six years of life except to be given food and...

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Categories: Healing & Hope

The light in his eyes was gone….

Every Golden story is different. Each Golden comes to us with their own unique circumstances. Some stories are unfortunate…some are downright tragic. We don’t know where Buddy came from and what his previous life was like, but we do know he had a difficult road back to health and happiness. This poor boy came to us with severe separation anxiety,...

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Categories: Healing & Hope

Why Istanbul…why Cairo…why Mexico? The answer is...“Because we can!”

Some people have asked us what the situation is in Egypt as it relates to dog rescue and how and why Golden Rescue got involved. We thought the best way to describe the Egypt dilemma is to give you a first-hand account of the journey to Cairo that we, Jane Riddell and Viive Tamm, Golden Rescue board members, took so...

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Categories: Rescue Mission of Love

Testimonials for Mission of Love

It is hard to describe the feeling you get when you rescue a Golden from the streets of Istanbul, Cairo or Mexico City.  If you’ve been fortunate to join us at the airport when we let one of these grateful beauties out of their crate after their many ordeals, you would understand what we are talking about.  People have described...

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Categories: Rescue Mission of Love

Journey To Joy – Rescued Golden Retrievers, Including A Three-Month Old Blind Puppy, Arriving Monday, November 26th At Pearson Airport Direct From Cairo, Egypt

Twenty-four  Golden Retrievers, being rescued from Cairo, Egypt will receive the best holiday gift ever when they land safely into the arms of their waiting adoptive families on Monday, November 26th  at Pearson Airport, arriving via Egypt Air Flight #995 at 7:00 A.M. at Terminal 1. The excitement will be palpable as Goldens Laverne and Shirley, Lucy and Jacko, Bella...

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Categories: Media & Press

Mischa with Ryder, Rylee

A letter to my darling Miss M. ~ Mischa #2638

I know you can’t hear me, but if you could, I would tell you that you are safe and you are loved. I can only show you every day with cues, signs, consistency, and patience ~ everything you’ve taught me ~ that your life is good and you’ve been rescued from fear, isolation, and loneliness. Mischa, I promised to care...

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Categories: Healing & Hope

Wishbone Lottery

Wishbone Lottery Dinner for Two Anywhere in the World!

Grand prize winner for a dinner for two anywhere in the world! Tickets are $40 each or 3 for $100 (no limit). Maximum 5,000 tickets to be sold.

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Graphic Designers

Are you an experienced graphic designer looking for a rewarding volunteer role? Are you interested in creating dynamic, contemporary visuals for our readers to call them to action? We’re looking for a couple of graphic designers who understand our periodic need for speed and fast turnarounds (although not all assignments are time sensitive), have a flair for contemporary design, can create and distribute eblasts through Mailchimp, and can work with WordPress (the power behind our website). Writing our eblasts and other communication pieces is not a requirement right now – content/copy will be sent to you for design – but if you ever want to give writing a try, we’re all about bringing out your best! The primary purpose of this role is to create visuals for key communication pieces for general e-distribution and our website as an integral member of the Communications team. If you have the talent and the time, we would love to hear from you! 

Estimated time commitment: 10-20 hours/month

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