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Journey To Joy – Rescued Golden Retrievers, Including A Three-Month Old Blind Puppy, Arriving Monday, November 26th At Pearson Airport Direct From Cairo, Egypt

Twenty-four  Golden Retrievers, being rescued from Cairo, Egypt will receive the best holiday gift ever when they land safely into the arms of their waiting adoptive families on Monday, November 26th  at Pearson Airport, arriving via Egypt Air Flight #995 at 7:00 A.M. at Terminal 1. The excitement will be palpable as Goldens Laverne and Shirley, Lucy and Jacko, Bella...

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Mischa with Ryder, Rylee

A letter to my darling Miss M. ~ Mischa #2638

I know you can’t hear me, but if you could, I would tell you that you are safe and you are loved. I can only show you every day with cues, signs, consistency, and patience ~ everything you’ve taught me ~ that your life is good and you’ve been rescued from fear, isolation, and loneliness. Mischa, I promised to care...

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Wishbone Lottery

Wishbone Lottery Dinner for Two Anywhere in the World!

Grand prize winner for a dinner for two anywhere in the world! Tickets are $40 each or 3 for $100 (no limit). Maximum 5,000 tickets to be sold.

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Jasper ~ with a heart as big as a national park

He arrived at Golden Rescue with little information about his previous life, as he was found wandering lost and alone in rural Ontario.  He was an 11-year-old senior citizen who desperately needed a new home, as all efforts to locate his former family had gone cold.  Typically senior dogs are sometimes looked over when adopters are searching for a new...

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Categories: Healing & Hope

The Golden Life of Pal

He lives in a world of darkness.  He is not familiar with the people around him, the language they speak, the smells from his new home or the touch of those who care for him.  He is a baby and he is blind.  Every day is a learning experience that is not always easy, not always successful, filled with uncertainty...

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Categories: Healing & Hope

A Message from Owen #2358

Dear Danielle and Colin This past summer has been the best ever. Honestly! It seems like we explored endless new places to have fun and I got to do stuff like fish, swim, run, dig, ride on a jet ski, eat great food (glorious food!), and sleep soundly in a comfy bed. How can I thank you for my awesome...

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Golden Reflections Coffee Table Book

Limited EditionCoffee Table Book

Includes amazing stories of so many Golden Retrievers, you won’t be able to stop reading.…

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Guardian Issue #100

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